Wednesday, November 14, 2007


so i just got done watching the season premiere of project runway. that's right...project runway. it was pretty awesome. my roommate russ and i made a delightful but light pasta dinner, sipped on wine coolies, and made catty comments about all of the haircuts and bad fashion choices made by the contestants. glorious.

seriously, though, the judges kept the hippie on the show - really just because she was a hippie or a free spirit or someone whose blood is comprised entirely of quaaludes and psychedelic shrooms. do people really appreciate that shit? entertainment value i guess. all of the other contestants spent the entire episode belittling her and commenting on her "unorthodox" techniques. she's a moron and sucks. they'll keep her around for a little bit, though. gotta keep the hippie around. she's so existential.

the previews for the upcoming shows always reel me in man. they basically allude to the fact that a mass murder or something is going to take place in the next episode. so i obviously have to watch. i mean, what if i missed someone stabbing someone else in the jugular with a pair of shears. that shit just doesn't translate as well in the re-runs.

bravo has the best reality shows. such a dynamic array of characters. there's always a snide 21-year old prima donna with glasses engulfing his entire face and a haircut so out of balance that it makes him lean slightly to the right. then you have the crafty veteran who's been in the industry forever, needs to become his "own" designer, and eventually gets puked out the bottom of the show because he has no originality, thus solidifying his worthlessness. the hack then later conducts a mass murder/suicide. see how everything comes full circle there?

bravo, you're brilliant.

oh, and i'm saying this with a firm reputation of staunch heterosexuality, i love tim gunn. i want him to make me dinner and later read a stephen king novel to me aloud. that'd be some fucking surreal entertainment.

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i'm now watching college basketball.


R. Zach Thomas said...

I wish I was there to sip wine coolers with you and Muscle.

mollynmoe said...

i heart this blog and you