Thursday, February 28, 2008

sooner rather than later.

i just returned from san francisco yesterday. the amount of brake work that has to be done in that city is probably astounding. regardless, i had a pretty decent time and have to admit that it was down right delightful to walk around in a t-shirt. an abundance of delicious vegetarian choices in addition to 62 degree weather is going to buoy my spirits every time. wandering around cities in a kind of shroud of anonymity has a liberating, sobering feel to it. one of my favorite days in san fran was the day that i literally had no idea what to do and just left where i was staying to aimlessly walk around. i ate by myself, shopped by myself, and watched a movie (be kind's worth seeing) by myself. i peculiarly felt a little more independent than usual because i just don't think these are things i would've done in cincinnati by myself. i don't know if that's right or wrong. you tell me.

i leave for chicago tomorrow in order to dive into the muscular, beefy arms of zach thomas. that's right, i'm a jet setter. for real, though, chicago's prolly the destination. oh, that lovable midwest feel. san francisco's neat and all, but it doesn't seem to have the same genuine ambiance that i feel the midwest harbors. i'm biased, and i know that, so whatever. however, i also know certain people who live on one of the coasts now and would agree with me in a heartbeat. we was just raised better. that's just how it be.

i will miss the hills of cincy though. god, i love those hills. i'm still waiting to see coates sled down the riddle road hill and make those turns without demolishing that bulbous head of his and leaving bits and pieces of his sexy brain scattered over the snow covered concrete. i just don't see how it's possible.

everything just seems kind of bittersweet right now i guess. but, you'll have that.

Monday, February 11, 2008

top it off.

how about that super bowl? needless to say, my prediction was sorely incorrect. to top it all off, i decided to talk a bunch of shit at the super bowl party i went to and claim that there was no way in all hell the giants were going to pull the game out. if i hadn't been watching the game with a bunch of friends, i may have been spared outright humiliation. complete strangers may have taken some pity on me. friends, however, are so quick and precise in pointing out weaknesses and mistakes. that's why you love them though right? also, since justin and i were the only ones rooting for the patriots, and seeing that i have the bigger mouth, i took the brunt of the jeers.

not much else has happened since the kerplunk that was the super bowl. a good friend of mine lent me the third season of LOST, which i had yet to see (i used to be in this band that practiced on wednesday nights; needless to say, i was torn). i knew that if i watched one episode i would be sucked back in and subjected to an amazing waste of time. of course, i decided to watch an episode. four days later i had watched all 23. ridiculous right? goddamn that show is good though. kate is my wife.

today marks the beginning of my final week or so at good old American Apparel. and boy, i'll tell you is immensely difficult to be an efficient worker at a place you know you're about to leave. i'm just not as inclined to straighten colors and sell people cotton. weird huh? i'm sure i'll miss it in a weird sort of way though. it's easy, and i know how to do everything. while that is comforting, you also have to realize that comfort can be a stranglehold. hamper and hold you back. therefore, i'm quitting without another job. i've done this several times before and always landed on my feet. let's hope it works this time too. a lack of money and/or stability usually makes me even more tenacious to find a new job/location/career (gross?) that fully suits me.

in the meanwhile, i'm bumming around, taking in some culture, and bringing to life a few rambling thoughts. suck it. more to come.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


today is like a holiday. the culmination of five months of football. an end to an exhausting two weeks of over-analysis, outrageous bets and predictions, and ridiculous story lines. i honestly woke up really early today in complete anticipation of today's events. kind of pathetic? well...fuck you, i like it and it makes me happy.

i'm a huge proponent of super bowl parties. for the past three years, my roommates and i have thrown some damn good parties. we'd seriously get into it too. reorganization of TVs to maximize the watchibility, an outrageous spread of food that we provided ourselves, and just the general entertainment of our personalities, which is really the most priceless gift. is there really anything better than a sports party? i'd do it every week if people were as into it as i am. a Wimbledon party? you got it. a party to watch the Masters? fuck yes. it's combining great things into one singular, amazing event. friends, sports, food, alcohol, television, cursing, yelling, etc. sounds fantastic. it reminds me of an article i recently read that said krispy kreme makes a hamburger that uses donuts for the bun. america likes donuts right? america definitely likes meat and hamburgers right? well, what the hell...let's put them together to create an abomination of the very essence of what food should be so that we can make everyone fatter but happier. this is what the superbowl party is. for one day, you forget about maintaining some semblance of decency and you get drunk at 2pm, stuff your face with a copious amount of waste until you're full, and then say "fuck it" and continue to eat just for the sake of eating. there are no rules. it's bedlam.

unfortunately, today will be a little different than previous years. the core of the superbowl party planning committee has disbanded, and the venue has changed. my current residence is too small to maintain several rowdy idiots yelling at the TV, so we are taking it to norwood. no better place right? i'm excited though and am actually gonna head to the grocery soon to pick up supplies.

as far as actual football goes, i'm predicting that it'll be the patriots 34-17. the real bets should be on how may picks eli will throw. justin and i say at least two. i could see up to four. god...he's going to crack.

finally, i'm sick of all you naysayers against the patriots. i'm by no means saying that they're my favorite team, but it'll be something to witness least for me. i'm a sports fan, and i've never seen this shit before. and also, are you really going to root for the giants? i mean...the giants? this is the team your putting all your hopes in to slay goliath? i don't think so. no way, no how. 34-17 is being generous. i wanted to say 78-2, and the two points would only come on a freak play in which little wes welker tries to pull a reggie bush and do a front flip into the end zone. unfortunately though, he loses the ball in the process, and it travels out of the back of the end zone, resulting in the giants' two points. but it doesn't matter because the patriots were winning by so much, and the cameras focus on a patriots sideline trying to hold back their smiles and laughter at little old wes. even big bill looks like he wants to chuckle.

do yourself a favor and really enjoy the first half of the game and gorge yourself during the second half because by then the game won't really be as entertaining. and because you'll feel kind of depressed that tom petty looks like he just turned 96 years old. this is what the NFL has to dish up now? tom petty? really?

i was just janet jackson's boob, and it was gross anyway. don't you think so?