Monday, February 11, 2008

top it off.

how about that super bowl? needless to say, my prediction was sorely incorrect. to top it all off, i decided to talk a bunch of shit at the super bowl party i went to and claim that there was no way in all hell the giants were going to pull the game out. if i hadn't been watching the game with a bunch of friends, i may have been spared outright humiliation. complete strangers may have taken some pity on me. friends, however, are so quick and precise in pointing out weaknesses and mistakes. that's why you love them though right? also, since justin and i were the only ones rooting for the patriots, and seeing that i have the bigger mouth, i took the brunt of the jeers.

not much else has happened since the kerplunk that was the super bowl. a good friend of mine lent me the third season of LOST, which i had yet to see (i used to be in this band that practiced on wednesday nights; needless to say, i was torn). i knew that if i watched one episode i would be sucked back in and subjected to an amazing waste of time. of course, i decided to watch an episode. four days later i had watched all 23. ridiculous right? goddamn that show is good though. kate is my wife.

today marks the beginning of my final week or so at good old American Apparel. and boy, i'll tell you is immensely difficult to be an efficient worker at a place you know you're about to leave. i'm just not as inclined to straighten colors and sell people cotton. weird huh? i'm sure i'll miss it in a weird sort of way though. it's easy, and i know how to do everything. while that is comforting, you also have to realize that comfort can be a stranglehold. hamper and hold you back. therefore, i'm quitting without another job. i've done this several times before and always landed on my feet. let's hope it works this time too. a lack of money and/or stability usually makes me even more tenacious to find a new job/location/career (gross?) that fully suits me.

in the meanwhile, i'm bumming around, taking in some culture, and bringing to life a few rambling thoughts. suck it. more to come.


R. Zach Thomas said...

Did you hear? Norman Mailer died.

edwardallen said...

if you're looking for culture. check out my new blog post? take that in!

and patriots video-taping scandal? is this going to be a big deal? will we still be talking about this in september? i'm not sure what's going on here. the sports world is aflame with scandal and intrigue. did you hear that chris sabo runs an illegal gambling ring that just got busted by the feds and is said to be worth more than the entire GDP and GNP of estonia, venezuela and finland combined? (alright, i made that up)