Thursday, February 28, 2008

sooner rather than later.

i just returned from san francisco yesterday. the amount of brake work that has to be done in that city is probably astounding. regardless, i had a pretty decent time and have to admit that it was down right delightful to walk around in a t-shirt. an abundance of delicious vegetarian choices in addition to 62 degree weather is going to buoy my spirits every time. wandering around cities in a kind of shroud of anonymity has a liberating, sobering feel to it. one of my favorite days in san fran was the day that i literally had no idea what to do and just left where i was staying to aimlessly walk around. i ate by myself, shopped by myself, and watched a movie (be kind's worth seeing) by myself. i peculiarly felt a little more independent than usual because i just don't think these are things i would've done in cincinnati by myself. i don't know if that's right or wrong. you tell me.

i leave for chicago tomorrow in order to dive into the muscular, beefy arms of zach thomas. that's right, i'm a jet setter. for real, though, chicago's prolly the destination. oh, that lovable midwest feel. san francisco's neat and all, but it doesn't seem to have the same genuine ambiance that i feel the midwest harbors. i'm biased, and i know that, so whatever. however, i also know certain people who live on one of the coasts now and would agree with me in a heartbeat. we was just raised better. that's just how it be.

i will miss the hills of cincy though. god, i love those hills. i'm still waiting to see coates sled down the riddle road hill and make those turns without demolishing that bulbous head of his and leaving bits and pieces of his sexy brain scattered over the snow covered concrete. i just don't see how it's possible.

everything just seems kind of bittersweet right now i guess. but, you'll have that.


R. Zach Thomas said...

You're a good friend.

And a good dining partner.

You're also really good at going out until 4 AM.

You're a talented guy!

Allison Grant said...

MOVE HERE MOVE HERE MOVE HERE!!! We have beaches and better food.