Wednesday, June 11, 2008

scattered everywhere.

random thoughts i have in the morning (in chronological order):

-should i hit the snooze button?

-what's the weather like?

-i wonder if kevin (my roommate...yes, his name is also kevin) is in the bathroom.

-i hope the water pitcher is full of cold water.

-hashbrowns and buttered toast or granola and a banana?

-fuck mike and mike in the morning. they get more annoying every passing day. i'm just gonna watch sportscenter.

-why do the reds always lose to the cardinals (cubs, brewers, etc, etc)?

-goddamn, i don't feel like running.

-what's the weather like?

-what converge album am i going to listen to while i'm running?

-i'd love to live on logan boulevard. look at all the trees, strollers, and fences. so neighborhood like.

-i'm a fan of sweating.

-do i have time to take a shower?

-eh, fuck it. i'm fine.

-water, vitamins

-what pair of dirty, mismatched socks am i going to wear today?

-what piece of american apparel is it going to be today?

-why do people at the train station look down the tunnel to see if the train's coming? trust me, you'll be able to hear it coming.

-i wonder if i get reception down here? let me check. (i never do).

-i'd rather just stand on the train. i have to sit down all day at work.

-everyone on the train is trying to act like their reading a book or listening to music. in actuality, they're all taking quick glances at everyone else and sizing them up.

-i wonder if there's a quicker way/shortcut to work. (i'm obsessed with shortcuts).

-do the people at 7/11 look forward to seeing me everyday? they seem like it.

-water, vitamin water, or smoothie?

-i'll always take the stairs. i like feeling like i'm getting some kind of exercise.

-i can never get comfortable in my office. if only i had something to put my feet up on.


edwardallen said...
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Heidi Lynn Bragg said...

at least you don't have to stand all day at work anymore.

if someone brought you an ottoman would you prop your feet up on it?

edwardallen said...

you forgot the first thought: "what is that taste in my mouth? did i really eat an entire leather boot, followed by a bar of ivory soap, and capped off with a bowl of cheerios soaked in gasoline?"

that's usually one of my first thoughts. why does breath go bad during the night? i don't understand this.

good post. mike and mike is terrible. mike greenberg. and trey wingo is even more terrible. mike and trey talkiing about the us open all day and rubbing eachother's testicles while they gush over tiger is the most terrible thing. i'm going to work early

Michael said...
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Kane Kitchen said...

I loved this one immensely! More Kevin thoughts please! This time, maybe the evening.