Sunday, June 22, 2008


okay, so i was having this conversation with a few people yesterday about what the prime season is. i'm sure everyone has had this conversation at some point. we went back and forth for a while. one said fall and one said late spring, which is the equivalent to just choosing any piece of a season and saying it's the best. it doesn't work that way. you can't just say my favorite season is the two weeks at the end of december because they contain christmas and new year's. i don't think so. anyway, it has become obvious to me over the last couple of years that the best season is and will always be summer.

fall is the easy answer, and i used to claim it as the best time of year as well. you know why? because it contains a keen sense of nostalgia. definitely the most nostalgic season of the year. cool weather, campfires, leaves falling, football...all that shit. i think the smells are the most apparent during fall in comparison to any other time of year. such things leave nice impressions on young impressionable minds. however, now that i'm old and crotchity, you begin to realize all the bullshit of the change from summer to fall. no one, at least not me, wants to have to start wearing heavier clothing and layers. why would i want to have more clothing on when i could easily have less? i know the fashion possibilities and creative layering that can occur with season changes, but let's try to keep those separate. i'm talking about comfortability. shorts and a t-shirt sound better than jeans and a hoodie to me.

you know what else? i like to sweat. actually i kind of love it. it makes me feel like i accomplished something. like i was sent to complete a task, and goddamnit, i took care of it. i like going running or biking more in the summer because i come back as a hot, disgusting mess. it's an indescribable, refreshing feeling. you just can't get that same sensation with other seasons.

also, the hang out time is maximized in summer. porches and decks rule all, and there is definitely something to be said for spending an entire night hanging out on someone's porch and drinking adult beverages. is there anything you'd rather do than hang out with friends outside on a warm evening and rehash the same jokes and stories you've been telling for years? honestly, that sounds pretty fucking good to me. you don't want to sit inside during summer. you want to be active. it sounds simple and kind of dumb but outside is better than inside. absolutely.

i guess one of my main points to this rant is that i feel summer is underrated in the midwest because of the actual appearance of seasons (unlike southern california). people maintain affinities for those that are the "changing" seasons, like spring and fall, because of the certain amount of "feel" that comes along with that. nostalgia's great and all, but does it ever make you feel great? i don't really think so. even the good times are viewed sadly as pieces of life that can't and won't happen again. kind of a bummer. i feel that summer is more respected and enjoyed in the moment, without any preconceptions. or maybe i just want to think and remember less. that's always a possibility too.

oh by the way, i'm not really even going to mention winter. it's just fucking cold.


Heidi Lynn Bragg said...

Winter is terrible. I always claim to love it during the months when a walk from my front door to the car leaves me sop-soaking wet from my own sweat, but it really is just miserable. Everyone is all pale and grumpy and no one ever wants to hang out so they stay home, eat food, gain weight and get even more grumpy. Kevin, you make excellent points.

I can't wait to go camping and not shower for three days.

edwardallen said...

summer? i could agree whole-heartedly if it was not 93 degrees and 400 percent humid outside right now, but to tell you truth, summer in the midwest is something that needs to be tamed before i can get on bored with your post.

i like spring. it's mild. i'm a mild guy - except salsa and hot sauce. i like those hot. but when it comes to weather... i like it mild.

Heidi Lynn Bragg said...

this coming from a man who sais he would eat tortilla chips for the rest of his life he could only eat one thing.... i can't get on BOARD with this nonsense

Heidi Lynn Bragg said...