Monday, October 27, 2008

This Is Going Nowhere.

My senses are being flooded by the 5th and potentially last game of the World Series and the Colts vs. Titans game. I don't know which one I want to watch more and can't seem to make any sort of decision, so I've retreated to this blog, which I had to blow the dust off of from a general lack of use.

One of my best friends (Shortie) came up here this past weekend with his girlfriend, and Justin's coming up in two weeks (I'm keeping fingers crossed) with his lovely wife Heidi. This greatly pleases me because lord knows I need someone to talk to about sports, and just someone to rehash two-year old jokes with that no one in this bohemith of a city understands. I like my friends.

Anyway, Shortie and I got in the discussion about work and the effects working a "real job" inflict on your psyche. Shortie slings mail for a living, and I'm pretty sure he dislikes/despises it overall. No other way of saying it. Now, I have my first "real job" in my life in which I wake up at 6:30 AM and go to bed at like 11 PM. This is no good. Along with Shortie, I was one of those people who said that I could never go to bed before midnight. It would virtually be impossible for me to even yawn my before the change of day. Yeah, well we were both full of shit.

Given, I'm taking a big step back here, but we talked about how we used to stay up until 6 in the morning every night when we were just out of high school. Everything moved much slower to the point of a delirious yet enjoyable boredom. All of my friends, and let me remind you that we didn't drink or do drugs, used to sit in a pathetic park, which basically consisted of a single gazebo, for six hours and just bullshit about nothing. It almost seemed like there were too many hours in the day to fill with interesting activity or just entertaining fluff, but as you get older, the time dwindles down to about three hours after you get off of work. I'm not really bitching or trying to get all introspective, it's just strange to think about. It just gives you a different perspective when you can talk to people you've been friends with since you were like 15. You can kind of map out the journey/movement of your life over the past 12 years because you both basically went through the same shit.

I like my job for the most part. I work tons and don't make that much money, but I get to basically deal with music all day and wear whatever I want to work. It's a relaxed environment and no one's breathing down my neck. You've gotta appreciate that. But it's just strange to know that I'm going to be going to work Monday-Friday and that I'm probably going to be in bed by 11 and waking up at the time I used to go to bed 10 years ago.

Similar to one of Justin's posts from a couple of weeks ago, I started into this thing without a topic in mind, and now I've spent too much time writing to delete it. Maybe there's a nugget or two in there, but this is really just a comment on my friend visiting me this weekend and a conversation we had when we were both drunk.

So there you have it.


R. Zach Thomas said...

The pain of Pointless Park and the trials of trying to persuade a girl to go and make out on the weird little bridge back in the woods.

I remember eating lots of beef jerky and drinking lousy cappuccinos from the Speedway across the street.

Climbing up into the roof of the gazebo. The night that Beale put a dent in your car door when he turned too quickly as he was backing out of a spot.

The night that come guy walking through the park confirmed our suspicions about Jen Peters.

Endless hours.

edwardallen said...

obviously zach thomas is trying to assert his "coolness" by bringing up these memories from the past. sweet zach... while you're at it why don't you talk about the time you and kevin ate a gallon of paste in the 2nd grade.

you make some good points in your post. i used to work valet for a lot of wierd places. one of the business-class joints i worked would feature the following conversation:


me to the ups guy "what's up man?"
the ups guy "it's friday! so things are good."

me to the ups guy: "what's up man?"
the ups guy: "it's monday... the weekend wasn't long enough."

I used to pride myself on not being a mon-fri 9-5 guy. one of those guys who lives for the weekend. i used to pride myself that i worked until midnight and never saw my bed before 2 am. but you're right. it's a rare night in the bragg house these days when the lights are on past midnight.

the daily grind, you know...

R. Zach Thomas said...

It's been "R. Zach Thomas" since the very beginning, mang!

My phone greeting is so in order to match that of my e-mail address and resume, which is all intended to prevent any confusion on the part of the HR reps who are breaking my door down to hire me.

Colloquially, I am and will always be Zach.