Monday, March 16, 2009


Seeing that I'm on a foreign computer (a Mac laptop at that . . . how do you even work this thing?), I'm going to give a quick update. Spring is brushing my face and with that comes the NCAA Tournament, which is one of the best sporting events ever. Unlike Justin, I kept up with college basketball this year, which basically means he'll probably end up dominating me in whatever pool we happen to get in (I'm currently taking applications).

So here are my quick Final Four picks:

Pitt - I hate Pittsburgh with a passion, but I can't deny the brute force of these fuckers. It's like a rugby team that occasionally feels like playing basketball.

Oklahoma - Weak, weak bracket, and I'm not going to pick North Carolina. You know why? Because fuck North Carolina. A bunch of smug bastards and I actually think Tyler Hansbrough is the abominable Anti-Christ . . . well, it's a competition between him and Tim Tebow. Blake Griffin is a man-child freak of nature bohemith.

Louisville - I've always liked Rick Pitino. He has a wicked New York accent, and always sounds like he's chewing a big piece of cake or something. Michigan State likes to choke in the tournament and I don't see this turning out any differently.

Purdue - Bleh, I hate this bracket, and I don't want to pick all #1 and #2 seeds. There's gotta be one sleeper. I've seen Purdue play a lot this year, and I've stopped in Lafayette, IN several times in my regular journeys back and forth from Chicago to Cincinnati. Nice little college town. Plus, their name's the Boilermakers. This is my "I don't know why the hell I picked these guys to go to the Final Four. They're getting crushed by a #12 seed" pick.


Magda said...

I say Memphis over Purdue and Gonzaga over Oklahoma. And Macs over PCs. What do I win?

Merk said...

Yep. I have Memphis in my championship game against stupid Duke.

edwardallen said...

so the text you sent me last night that said, "pitt, oklahoma, wake and purdue..." what do i do with that? seems like somebody is going back on their original picks...

somebody that i greatly respect once told me i couldn't do that

Jamie Vishnauski said...


Heidi Lynn Bragg said...

i picked purdue to win too bc that's the only team i knew!