Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The internet at my house has ceased to work for no good reason and seeing that I'm moving this month, it doesn't really seem worth the trouble to bitch about it. Therefore, the blog may be suspended for the month, which I'm sure will devastate several of you, but what can I do? I do still have the internet at work, so all hope isn't lost, but it just kind of seems inappropriate to sit in my office for two hours writing a blog post about the Karate Kid.

Hopefully, I can spit some shit up on this thing soon. Looks like you'll have to just keep checking in to see.


edwardallen said...

i am glad that you are alive. you were supposed to call when you got home so i could know that you got home safely. and then i we don't text for two days straight? i feel like we are drifting apart. was it something i said or did while you were here? i can change. i can do better. and now, you don't have the internet for a few weeks... i feel like all that we had is slipping away and there is nothing i can do about it.

know that i'll never forget you.

Magda said...

Isn't blogging at work kinda like the anti-social, hikikomori-y, 21st-century version of chatting around the water cooler? I say do it.

R. Zach Thomas said...

You're my lil' boilermaker!