Monday, January 28, 2008

rambo: a link

this past weekend, a bunch of miscreants went to watch rambo. they wore red bandannas and consistently yelled and clapped throughout the movie, which just created a ruckus. heads exploded and body parts flew every which way. it was pure, unadulterated entertainment. this rambo, however, had something more. sly delved a little bit deeper. he had something to say.

instead of reiterating what my good friend mr. bragg already took the time to painstakingly put on the internets for you people, i'm just going to link you to his blog. it may be long, but it's worth reading. maybe you'll begin looking at old sly stallone from a different angle, although that really won't change the appearance of his sagging face. anyway, check it out:

shit's good.

in other news, i've been contemplating constructing another blog solely devoted to brute sport. hmmm...

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edwardallen said...

since you have a link to bill simmons on your blog, does that mean that he reads your blog? and if he does read your blog, does that mean he will be reading my blog now, thanks to your e-shoutout? this is a good day for me.