Thursday, March 13, 2008

nice and quick.

if i spend too long writing this i'll just end up cursing myself because it's damn gorgeous outside and that's where i should be.

first motorcycle ride today. it took me a second. i fell once but got it going after a bit. still only in first gear though. baby steps people. i let russ ride it as well. he fell the mud. luckily, however, my bike is perfectly fine, which is the most important thing. right?

i went to justin and heidi's last night for a fucking awesome meal of potato tacos, beans and rice, and some fantastic tortilla soup. i was served beer out of a jug and we watched return to oz, which i had been badly wanting to see. i watched this movie religiously as a child and remember how creepy it was. it was great of course and i had to have said at least fifty times, "i remember this part," which for some reason was reassuring to me, like i needed to confirm to myself that i had seen the movie multiple times as a kid. whatever.

wednesdays are the new fridays. take a hike weekend. you're overrated.

oh by the way, i found a new job. it's sitting around and waiting for baseball to start. it's a lot more work than you may think. damn stressful.

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R. Zach Thomas said...

I'm thinking of making a cake.