Monday, March 31, 2008

a series of events.

today was opening day, which is one of the most glorious days of the year. the baseball season is upon us once again and all seems right...sort of. the reds lost 4-2, mainly because they continue to grasp onto hopes that players like edwin encarnacion and adam dunn still have more up side then down. dead wrong. you can only give a player so many years to prove you wrong, over and over again. regardless, the loss doesn't really concern me because there's an air of optimism around the team this year, and for once i'd say that it's well warranted.

not only do i get to bask in the first pitches of the baseball season, but i also get to celebrate my birthday, which jokingly falls on april fool's day. 27 years old seems fucking old, especially for someone who currently doesn't have a job and is moving to chicago with little to no prospects. it's hard to explain, though, because i know i'll be all right. i'm really not worried. honestly, i feel like i know myself more now than i ever have before. strengths and weaknesses and all that shit. i like to think i have some charismatic and personable qualities. i can manage. i can adapt.

it's all coming to head, though. no turning back now. i'm progressively moving the next two weeks, and then i'm out of here. i love this city to death, but i've gotta do it for my own peace of mind. maybe that doesn't make sense, but it kind of does to me. the change is necessary?

out of that introspective shit, though. i'm an expert packer. i've moved like eight times in nine years or something like that and have focused the process of packing down to a precise science. i hate it more than green beans, but there's some sort of strange satisfaction i get out of maximizing the space in a cardboard box and finding just the right combination of dvds and books that will fit without giving me a hernia while lifting it. there's just something about it. it's like when i make one of my many lists of things to do and methodically cross off the tasks as i complete them. i get complete satisfaction from drawing a line through "go to the grocery" or "pay car insurance." it makes me feel accomplished, and lord knows i need that encouragement.

annnyway, this is a rambling post, and i kind of like it that way. tomorrow for my birthday i will be heading to the comet for food and drinks. my last great birthday was at the comet, so i'll make a small attempt at recreating that. my friends will be there, and i'll be happy. that's it.


R. Zach Thomas said...

You know you're going to get it together. Your move here to Chicago might be the catalyst – a bit of excitement, a bit of adventure always does wonders for personal growth.

It's going to be great having you up here. I'm really, really happy that you're going to be living with one of the most solid dudes that I've met since I've moved here. Seeing as Kevin Clark and I are on the same team, I think it's high time that you start taking the bike riding thing a bit more seriously so that you can join all of us on our Sunday death rides out into the hinterlands of Chicago.

Emily said...

Happy birthday!

I'm going to post that in as many places on the internet that I can.

I was trying to find the photobooth picture from your birthday at the comet a million years ago but I couldn't!! It's my fav.


edwardallen said...

who are these other people posting comments on your blog? i thought i had exclusive comment-posting priveleges? get it together.