Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flying Body Parts.

I've gotta admit that I've been having some bad luck lately. Probably not too many things more terrifying than riding your bike and having your handlebar stem snap, thus leaving you with nothing to rest your hands on and anticipating an imminent doom. Needless to say, I braced myself for a spill and somehow flipped over my bike and landed on my tailbone, relatively unscathed. Unreal.

Now, I was initially a bit shaky getting back on the bike following my brief and violent meeting with a car in early January. After a couple of rides, though, my knee was feeling fine and so I hopped back on the horse. Then this happened. I know that it may seem like good luck in a way because I've pretty much come out of both accidents with minimal damage. Still though . . . fuck. I'm sick of falling off my bike for shit that wasn't my fault. The concrete hurts my bones and skin. I'm a relatively cautious and aware rider, and I know this happens, but my brittle, old body just can't take much more.

The Pro Bowl's on right now. Who knew that or even gave a fuck? It's about time for a baseball preview don't you think? Baseball's the best. Stay tuned.


Jamie Vishnauski said...

how do i use this thing?

and get followers?

Magda said...

It's like God is trying to tell you to wear a freakin' bike helmet.

Oh wait, that's me.

R. Zach Thomas said...

Just wait 'til I get you to race and you go down in a sandy corner with 30 cyclists piling down upon you.

The most fun you can ever have.

edwardallen said...

the last time i got on a skateboard i was absolutely terrified that i would slam my frail body onto the hard asphalt. i never used to consider any of this stuff.

at this current moment in time i suffer from the following ailments:

sore left ankle (from camping)
bruised knee (from hitting the bed yesterday)
achey arch on my right foot (i don't know why)
tight right shoulder (from lifting too much weight like 6 years ago)
sharp pain in my side (i don't know why or when it started)
stuffed right nostril (from breaking my nose years ago)
shin splints *always - from those old track and field days)

i told you that getting old sucks